6 Digit Result May 9 2019

Didn’t have much luck playing the 6 number lottery games at PCSO lottery draw? Why not try the 6 Digit game now? Here again you have to make 6 picks but the number pool will be much smaller and the odds will be quite low. So, if you have been trying your luck with the most popular lottery game in Philippines, you should definitely check the 6D result and see how Filipinos have made riches playing this simple lottery game.

The game uses 6-chambered mega gem for drawing the numbers and it requires you to match at least first three or last three digits in the winning combo to make it count. In either case, the 6D result will be in your favor and you’d be able to win a certain prize.

If you have been following the 6D result regularly and want the latest updates on it, here are the drawn numbers for today.

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