6-Digit Result May 2 2019

If you are worried about the high odds in the most popular lottery games at PCSO lottery draw, you should keep one thing in mind that the prize money goes high as the odds increase. Nevertheless, if you still want to keep it safe as you play the lottery, why not try the 6 Digit game with moderate odds at 1 in 1000000? Check out the 6D result history and see how often people have won the jackpot playing this lottery game.

6D RESULT MAY 2 2019


If you get convinced to play the 6 Digit game now at the PCSO lottery draw, the next scheduled draw is on Saturday. You can play the lottery and get your 6D result right here at 9pm on Thursday as soon as the draw is held in Philippines officially.

For today’s result i.e. Thursday draw of the 6D lotto, here you have the numbers that have won the jackpot.

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