6 Digit Result April 30 2019

Playing lottery and winning a jackpot is no easy thing as you have to do quite a lot of deliberation before making your bets and still it’s a game of luck. If you had heard of 6 digit game played at the PCSO lotto draw, and have already played the lottery by eyeing its low odds compared to various other lotteries drawn at the PCSO lottery draw, you should be waiting for 6D result now.

Even though the lottery is drawn three times every week and it’s is the first draw of this week on Tuesday, you should have checked some 6D result from the past to see how it works. Nevertheless, if you have already played your luck for this draw, here we have the 6D result for you.



Keep trying your luck with the 6 digit game and become one of the few Filipinos who have won a big jackpot with this game. We’ll bring you the next 6D result on Thursday now when the next draw is scheduled.

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