6/58 Result August 13 2019

There are not many lotteries out there with such high odds as ultra lotto 6/58. The lottery game offers the highest odds among all the lotteries at PCSO lottery draw in Philippines. However, you will also be competing for a whopping PHP 50 million if you choose to go with this particular lottery game and match the numbers on 6/58 result. Even though it takes some guts, but it’s very much possible.

6/58 Result August 13 2019


You may be driven by the huge jackpot prize to play this lottery game, but it is advised that it shouldn’t be your sole choice though. It would be great if you can play some other relatively easier lotteries along with ultra lotto 6/58 as well. Some good options here would be lotto 6/42 and mega lotto 6/45.

Just make sure that you keep playing these lotteries consistently and give yourself a chance to claim riches soon. The 6/58 result updates are shared here every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. So, stay tuned!

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