6/58 Lotto Result October 29 2019

6/58 Lotto Result October 29 2019.  Ultra Lotto 6/58 is the most difficult among all the lottery games drawn at the PCSO lottery draw. Did you ever try to take the toll and play this lottery game? Well, even if you haven’t, you should definitely go for it now. The lottery game makes it a whole lot interesting by taking the jackpot prize money to the maximum while increasing the odds along the way as well. So, you really have to master the art of calling numbers if you have to win this lottery game. To be honest, it will take some practice and a bit of analytical skills before you could be able to turn the 6/58 result in your favor. 

6/58 Result Tuesday – 29-10-2019


(in any order) 
Jackpot Prize: 49,500,000.00

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