6/58 Lotto Result August 2 2019

6/58 Lotto Result August 2 2019. Check ultra lotto 6/58 result today 9pm 2nd Aug 2019. Lotteries are vital to the lifestyle of Filipinos as a lot of them strive to find some of the easiest ways to make riches. Nothing can do it better for them than Ultra lotto 6/58 and other pari-mutuel games drawn at the PCSO lotto. Even though the lottery game is the hardest to win but it does offer you a jackpot prize of PHP 50 million. That’s the minimum jackpot prize on offer and the prize money may even increase significantly if it is carried on from the previous draws. With some thought and deliberation, however, you can match the numbers on 6/58 result on any day. 

6/58 Result Friday – 2-8-2019

(in any order) 
Jackpot Prize:
Php __________ 

Winning lotteries may come naturally to you but before you commit with the hardest lottery games like 6/58 lotto, you should give some thought to the idea of playing other lotteries together as well. Even if you are not receptive to the idea of playing fixed prize lotteries with low odds, diversify your portfolio to easier pari-mutuel games like grand lotto 6/55, super lotto 6/49, and mega lotto 6/45. That’s going to increase your chances of winning the jackpots manifolds. You’ll be a millionaire pretty soon. 

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