6/58 Lotto Result August 18 2019

6/58 Lotto Result August 18 2019. Ultra Lotto 6/58 result 9pm draw 18 Aug 2019. The toughest lottery game at the PCSO lotto draw is scheduled for the last day of the week as we all look forward to the Sunday draw. The ultra lottery 6/58 comes with the highest odds and gives you a chance to claim PHP 50 million by winning the 1st jackpot prize. Yes, you need to match all the 6 numbers on 6/58 result in order to win the biggest prize on the lotto scene in Philippines. 

6/58 Result Sunday – 18-8-2019


Even though you might be tempted to play this lottery game too often because of the highest jackpot prize on the line, it is advised you should take some sensible decisions here. Despite a big jackpot on offer, the lottery game requires you to beat the highest odds as well. So, you have to be sure whether you can get over the line or not before you invest heavily in this lottery game. Instead, it would be a good idea to consider some low-odd alternatives alongside as well. Options like lotto 6/42, mega lotto 6/45, and super lotto 6/49 make a perfect choice. 

A perfect mix of low-odd and high-odd lotteries is what you need to make riches soon enough. Try to play as regularly as you can and match the numbers on 6/58 result to claim riches. 

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