6/58 Lotto Result April 30 2019

The first draw of the most difficult lottery game, and the one with the biggest pool of prize money, for this week is all set to go live. You can play Ultra lotto 6/58 now and wait for the Tuesday draw and the 6/58 result will be shared with you right here live.

The game with the odds of 1 in 40475358 offers the biggest jackpot of PHP 50 million at PCSO lotto draw. So, what you do think? Would you be able to beat the odds? Do you have enough experience playing the PCSO lottery games? Why not pick your number randomly before actually betting on the game. See the 6/58 result here and see how it turns out.

Before you actually bet for this lottery game, or even if you have already played it for today’s draw, here is the 6/58 result for you.

6/58 Ultra Lotto Result


Won the jackpot? Even if you didn’t, check if you could match 5, 4 or 3 numbers because you might still be able to claim a prize if you have! Try your luck and see how it turns out!

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