6/55 Lotto Result May 6 2019

Winning lottery is all about challenges and there are quite a few lottery games that are more challenging than anything else on this planet. But do they offer enough in return? Yes, the higher the odds of winning, the higher your jackpot prize will be. The Grand Lotto 6/55 is one such lottery game where you can make riches if you can take the real challenge. You must be looking closely at the 6/55 result updates for some time in order to give yourself a chance at winning the lotto.



Just follow the trend in 6/55 result and see where things are headed. If you really want the jackpot of PHP 30 million, this lottery game is definitely tailor made for you. Just keep following recent winning combinations and try to play something similar but not exact.

Keep looking for the 6/55 result and have a look at it when it’s updated on the days of the draws. It will definitely give you the motivation and the idea as to which numbers you should be playing the next time.

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