6/55 Lotto Result August 5 2019

6/55 Lotto Result August 5 2019. Get the grand lotto 6/55 result 9pm draw on 5 Aug 2019. There are not so many lottery games at PCSO lottery draw as difficult as grand lotto 6/55. The lottery game comes with some serious odds but the reward is pretty much mouth watering. You’ll be entitled to win and claim a jackpot prize of PHP 30 million only by matching the numbers on 6/55 result. And, what if you could win it with some other lotteries as well on the same day like mega lotto 6/45? Yes, your winnings will multiply. 

6/55 Result Monday – 5-8-2019

(in any order) 
Jackpot Prize:
Php __________ 

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Winning lotteries is never easy. You would say it’s a game of luck but you really have to put in great thought if you want to win the jackpot prize regularly. Your luck may favor you once or twice a year, but to claim riches fast you really want to be a consistent winner. So, the best idea for you would be to play as many lottery games as you possibly can and have a diversified mix of easy and difficult lotteries. You should play simple lottery games daily with the likes of swertres and Ez2 lotto because matching the winning numbers with these would be the easiest. 

Make sure that you do not drop these high paying games like grand lotto 6/55 just because you lost on a few occasions. Even if you manage to win it once in a few months, you’ll be a millionaire. So, keep striving to match the 6/55 result.

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