6/49 Result – September 3 2019

6/49 Result – September 3 2019.  Stepping up the game at the PCSO lottery draw shouldn’t really be a big problem for you. If you have already mastered the lotto 6/42 and mega lotto 6/45 games, it’s time that you start playing super lotto 6/49 for an even better experience and, obviously, a better jackpot prize. Matching exact 6/49 result will earn you PHP 16 million and that’s really a big amount. 

6/49 Result Thursday – 18-7-2019

(in any order) 
Jackpot Prize:
Php __________ 

Even though you can win smaller prizes as well when you don’t match the results exactly, you should not rely on a single game when playing lotteries. Diversifying your options is the key if you really want to make it count on the lotto scene. For maximizing your prize money, it is a good idea to play simpler games with small prize pools but that are drawn several times every day.

Super Lotto 6/49 Jul 18, 2019 Draw Summary
Prize Level Amount Winners
Jackpot Php __________ _____
2nd Prize Php __________ _____
3rd Prize Php __________ _____
4th Prize Php 20.00 _____

Source: PCSO

For PCSO lovers, some good examples of such games include swertres lotto, Ez2 lotto, and STL games. They all give you a wonderful chance of making money. 

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