6/49 Lotto Result – September 12 2019

6/49 Lotto Result – September 12 2019. Among all the pari-mutuel lottery games played at the PCSO lottery draw, you should be eyeing the jackpot win with Super lotto 6/49. The lottery game comes with moderate odds and gives lotto enthusiasts a chance to win PHP 16 million jackpot amount. And, if you are not able to match the exact six numbers on the 6/49 result, you can still win PHP 70000 for matching 5 numbers, and PHP 2000 on matching 4 numbers. So, these are only the significant numbers that you should be eyeing as you play the lottery game.

6/49 Result Thursday – 12-09-2019


(in any order)

Jackpot Prize:
Php __________

If you find the odds a bit higher with this particular lottery game, you should think about playing the lotteries with lower odds. Some good options for you would be lotto 6/42 and mega lotto 6/45. Both these lotteries offer lower odds but the prize money is still in millions. So, you have to decide how you’ll approach the lotto scene and prefer which lotteries over the others.


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