6/49 Lotto Result May 9 2019

6/49 lottery remains the best lottery game around and it is also one of the most played games at the PCSO lottery draw. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos play the lottery game and win jackpots by matching the 6/49 result every week. You can be one of them too if you know exactly how the numbers are drawn and which numbers you should be playing when betting on the lottery game.

Simply by keeping track of 6/49 result history, you can get a good touch of how the winning combinations are turning up lately and how you should be playing the game. Try to pick the trends in these winning numbers and you’d be much better placed at winning the lottery.

Here we have the latest 6/49 result update for you. Check the numbers and see if they match the numbers you had played or not.

There are three draws of this lottery game every week and you can play any of them whenever you feel like you have enough experience to pick the winning numbers. Remember that if one or two 6/49 result updates don’t match the numbers you have played, just don’t lose hope and keep playing consistently. You’re sure to win the lottery eventually.

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