6/49 Lotto Result May 5 2019

The last draw of the week is scheduled today for 6/49 lotto – the game with considerably low odds. So, if you have been waiting for your turn, get going now and see how the 6/49 result turns up for you and if you could beat the odds.

For this Sunday, here we have the 6/49 result for you.


If you have been playing the lottery for quite some time now, you would definitely understand how things can go in your favor. You may have had 6/49 result winning you the lottery in the past as well. But every day is a new day and if you are going to play the lotto now, you should definitely try something new. Old combinations are rarely drawn again and you should keep that in mind.

Come back again on Tuesday for the next 6/49 result and mark your next win. Keep checking the results regularly to give yourself a better chance at winning the lottery.

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