6/45 Result November 29 2019

With so many lotteries available to the lotto lovers at PCSO lottery draw, the mega lotto 6/45 holds its standing due to the considerably low odds among the pari-mutuel games. Yes, you have lotteries with high odds and highest jackpot prizes of up to PHP 50 million but 6/45 lotto still maintains its unique standing. When you match the numbers on 6/45 result, you are entitled to win PHP 9 million and despite that lotto lovers choose this lottery game more often. 

6/45 Result Monday – 29-11-2019

Winning Numbers: 45-10-43-25-14-29

Why this lottery is more popular than the ones with the highest jackpots? Well, one understandable reason for that is this lottery game is far easier to win than the others. Though the jackpot prize is a little on the lower side of the spectrum, you also have lower odds to deal with. You can always diversify to other lotteries with higher jackpots if you want to. Some good options could be Super lotto 6/49, grand lotto 6/55, and ultra lotto 6/58


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