6/45 Result – August 23 2019

6/45 Result – August 23 2019. Mega lotto 6/45 result 9pm draw on 23 Aug 2019. Stepping up your game at the PCSO lottery draw and choosing pari-mutuel lotteries to claim millions won’t really be a simple step. You have to make sure that you understand the draw mechanics so that you can beat the highest of odds. But if you have already tried your luck with lotto 6/42, moving forward to mega lotto 6/45 shouldn’t really be a major issue for you. And, once you match the 6/45 result, you’ll be entitled to PHP 9 million jackpot prize. 

6/45 Result Friday – 23-8-2019


(in any order) 
Jackpot Prize:
Php __________ 

Even in pari-mutuel lotteries at the PCSO draw, there are so many different options available and if you have the right approach to playing them, you’ll end up bagging millions in jackpots. For instance, go further up and you have super lotto 6/49 where the jackpot prize is PHP 16 million. If you choose to compete against the highest odds, you have ultra lotto 6/58 which gives you a chance to win PHP 50 million. 

Whether you want to match the numbers on 6/45 result or any other lottery, the key is to keep playing continuously. Never lose hope and follow the updates every day at 9 pm for all pari-mutuel lotteries.

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