6/45 Result August 14 2019

The lottery games are one of the easiest options you have to make riches quickly. All you need to do is to be goo with numbers. The 6/45 lottery at PCSO lottery draw is just a perfect example. The mega lotto 6/45 comes with odds of 1 in 8145060 and it gives you a chance to win a jackpot of PHP 9 million if you match the numbers on 6/45 result. That’s quite a lot.

6/45 Result August 14 2019


Even though lotto 6/45 is among the low-odd options available to the lotto lovers in Philippines, as far as PCSO lottery draw is concerned, you should play other lotteries with higher odds too. The key is to accumulate as much wealth as you possibly can. Don’t worry you can beat high odds as well with little deliberation.

Besides matching the numbers on 6/45 result, try to take on some high-odd lotteries like super lotto 6/49, grand lotto 6/55, and Ultra lotto 6/58.

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