• 6/45 Lotto Result March 09 2020

    6/45 Lotto Result March 09 2020. Mega lotto 6/45 9pm official draw updates 13 Sep 2019. If you are looking for your latest 6/45 result updates, here we have everything for you. Just browse through this page after the results are announced and you will get the mega lotto 6/45 results right here. The updates are given in the timeliest manner and you can expect the most authentic information from the PCSO lottery draw right at your disposal. A look into the past result updates is also important to give you a little more exposure to how things are moving at the lotto scene. 

    6/45 Lotto Result March 09 2020

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    Jackpot Prize:
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Mega Lotto 6/45

Winning a jackpot on a popular lottery game like Mega Lotto 6/45 is always a dream of every bettor. However, not all of them have a lucky charm to make fortune winning lotteries. If you have had a little know how of the lottery games – the ones popular in different parts of the world – you’d probably know about the ones played at the PCSO lottery draw.

The production of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the lottery program is aired on PTV and it consists of a cool variety of some of the most amazing lottery games. Featuring both the pari-mutuel games and the fixed price games, the program has really changed the fortunes of people and it will continue to do so for years to come.

If you want to try your luck with one of the best pari-mutuel games around, you should definitely try playing Mega Lotto 6/45 at the PCSO lottery draw.

Mega Lotto 6/45 – Swertres Result

The popular mega lotto 6/45 is a game that comes as an improved version of 6/42 draw. It is also a game that has been introduced for nationwide competition by the PCSO lottery draw. Just as suggested by its name, the lotto requires you to choose 6-number combination from 1-45.

At least 3 of your chosen numbers should appear on the 6 winning numbers in order to win some prize. The game has higher odds of having all the 6 winning numbers standing at 1 out of 8145060. The draws are carried out for this game on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How To Play Mega Lotto 6/45?

Now that you know what is Mega lotto 6/45, you might very well be interested in finding out what this game is all about and how you can play it and win it to make riches. Well, to be honest, the game is very simple and it doesn’t involve any rocket science when it comes to mastering the play. There are a few steps you have to perform precisely and you are up for your jackpot. Here is how you should start.

  1. Visit an authorized outlet of PCSO lotto draw
  2. Buy yourself a payslip for Mega lotto 6/45 and mark the 6 numbers that you have chosen from 1-45. You may also rely on the Lucky Pick as well if you do not have any guess which numbers you should be going with. The lucky pick will generate 6 numbers at random to make your combination.
  3. Submit the play slip to the operator at that outlet and keep the tickets you bought with you. You won’t be able to claim your prize should you win and don’t have the tickets in your possession. The outlet will charge you ₱20 against every standard six number combination that you will play at the lotto. Remember here that:
    • You should mark the selected numbers with vertical line only.
    • In case of any error, mark “void” for indicating the cancellation of the board.

It is possible to increase your winning chances by playing various System Play/System Bet. Here you would be able to select 7-12 numbers while all the possible combinations will be automatically combined by the system. As the number of your combinations increases, your winning chances also increase as well. Ensure that you have marked the selected system under “SYS” or leave it blank if you’re playing a typical six number combination.

Visiting lotto outlets once would allow you to bet for a maximum of six consecutive draws in advance. For instance, if “6 Draws” are marked on the play slip, you’d be asked to pay ₱120 which means you’ll be paying for this current draw as well as the 5 consecutive upcoming draws. On your play slip, don’t forget to mark the number of draws that you’d like to play in “DRAW” section.

Another important thing that you must bear in mind is that there is a certain cut-off time to participate in a particular draw and it is 8pm for Mega lotto 6/45.

Lotto result

If you are playing Mega lotto 6/45 and you would want to check out your lotto result, make sure that you watch the draws as they’re televised on PTV 4. The results are also made available on official website of the lottery draw and here on this page as well.

Just visit Mega lotto 6/45 draw result section and you will get everything right there. Remember, however, that the winning combinations are shared after the confirmation and verification of the results. Also keep in mind that the draws for this specific lottery game are held on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday only at 9pm. Yes, it’s a pari-mutuel game and its draw is conducted once only on the designated days.

Lotto Result History

You can also check out the lotto result history here as all the results are archived so that they can be accessed for future reference. We make sure that no manipulation is done with the results and even the lotto result history gives you the accurate and verified results just as they were announced.

Mega Lotto 6/45 Prize

When you play the lotto game, you will be able to win guaranteed minimum ₱9 Million jackpot in case if you were able to match the 6 winning numbers that have been drawn. However, if you failed to do that and only managed to match 5 of your 6 selected numbers with the ones drawn then you’d be entitled to ₱50,000 prize money.

It goes as high as ₱1500 in case if 4 of your chosen numbers match the winning combo while if you matched 3 of them then you can win ₱20 only. It is also advised that you must always check out prize breakdown for every draw for determining what exactly you have won at the end of the day.

How To Claim Your Mega Lotto 6/45 Winnings?

There is nothing too hard when it comes to claiming the winnings either. When your prize money amounts to anywhere up to ₱5000, it can be claimed at authorized PCSO lotto outlets and also at the PCSO branches near you.

But if your winnings are greater than ₱5000 but less than ₱20000, the prize can be claimed only at the PCSO branches or the head office of PCSO. In case, if you have hit the jackpot and your prize money is huge, you should directly contact PCSO head office for claiming the prize money.

So, that’s enough of insights into Mega Lotto 6/45 and you, probably, know the game better than many newbie bettors out there.

So, it’s time that you start betting and must try your luck with one of the best lotto games out there with proven track record of fair play. Check out the lotto result on the designated days and at the designated time just after the draws are conducted to see what exactly have you won. Good luck!