6/45 Lotto Result May 10 2019

Lottery games have really been changing fortunes for years and they continue to do so even today. If you have the love for playing lotteries, you must try the mega lotto 6/45 from Philippines as it is, probably, the best lottery game available today – especially for the Filipinos. The 6/45 result is announced three times every day and the days of the draws are predefined.

Let’s have a look at today’s winning combination for the lottery game.


If you have taken the opportunity this week to play the wonderful lottery game and tried your luck to claim a PHP 9 million jackpot prize, you should be waiting for your 6/45 result anxiously.

There is nothing wrong in playing lotteries and trying your luck. Just remember that you need to have enough savings that even if you don’t get the 6/45 result in your favor, you can still continue to play the game. Try your luck today!

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