6/42 Result – August 27 2019

6/42 Result – August 27 2019. Updated lotto 6/42 result 9PM draw 27 Aug 2019. There are many different options available to the lotto lovers in Philippines as far as pari-mutuel games are concerned. But if you are looking for the lowest odds with reasonable prize money, go with lotto 6/42. The lottery game gives you a chance to win PHP 9 million jackpot prize and has minor prizes of up to PHP 25000 as well should you not qualify for the jackpot. In fact, that’s what you’ll be able to claim if you match 5 out of 6 numbers on the 6/42 result

6/42 Result Tuesday – 27-8-2019

(in any order) 
Jackpot Prize:
Php __________ 

Lotteries are mostly won by chance and you can be lucky on some day and not on others. So, it’s in your best interest to start diversifying your options. Similar lotteries like mega lotto 6/45 and super lotto 6/49 would help you with your endeavors. Don’t forget the simplest options like swertres and Ez2 lotto though. 

We share 6/42 result every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9pm. So, stay tuned to today swertres result and see what your luck brings to you. 

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