• 6/42 Result March 07 2020

    6/42 Result March 07 2020 The second lottery draw of the week for lotto 6/42 is scheduled next at the PCSO lottery draw and you must get all your stuff ready for playing the lottery game.

    6/42 Result March 07 2020

    6/42 Lotto Result: 14-17-11-05-03-09
    (in any order) 
    Jackpot Prize: 25,925,143.60

    The 6/42 result will be announced on Thursday at 9pm and you should stay tuned until then to find out if you have won the lottery or not. If you have been following the 6/42 lotto result updates previously, you’d definitely have a feel of what the winning numbers look like. Play the most regularly drawn numbers to make your winning combination and you’ll surely get to claim the jackpot prize.


6/42 Lotto Result

If playing lottery games has been your first love, you would not be surprised to hear the name PCSO lottery draw. Yes, it’s the same lottery program produced under the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office and one of their popular lottery games remains to be lotto 6/42. Play it today and check out your 6/42 lotto result here to see what you have achieved with your bet.

The lottery draw is not conducted regularly every day, like many other games included in the PCSO lottery draw, and there is a set lotto 6/42 schedule that you will have to follow for trying your luck with this wonderful lottery game.

If you want to know more in detail about the lotto 6/42, here we have everything for you to find out.

Lotto 6/42

The lotto 6/42 is flagship lottery draw that was introduced back in 1995 when the PCSO lotto draw program was first initiated. Initially, the game was introduced only in the Luzon area and there were separate games introduced in Mindanao and Visayas areas. Later on, these two different draws were combined to offer a single lotto draw throughout the country in 2005.

Just as the name of this lottery suggests, you have to pick a combination of 6 numbers from a total of 42 numbers pooled between 1 and 42. The game offers the finest odds among all the pari-mutuel games being offered at the PCSO lottery draw and that certainly makes it a popular choice among serious bettors.

If you want to win the lottery, you have to make sure that at least 3 of your selected numbers match with the six in the winning combination. You can win the jackpot if you are able to match all the six numbers in the winning combination. However, the odds for hitting a jackpot remain at 1 out of 5245786.

6/42 Lotto Result

You can check the 6/42 lotto result here on this page as it is announced. The results come live at PTV 4 as well on the scheduled days of the draw at 9pm, right when the lottery is drawn. So, if you are interested in knowing of the easiest lotto game at PCSO lotto, you should check it out at either of these two avenues.

Whether you are playing the lotto 6/42 or not, having an eye on 6/42 lotto result is always important and you should definitely do that. Knowing the drawn result and matching your chosen numbers with the ones drawn right away will make sure that you can get your money as soon as possible should you win. Even if you are not playing the lotto, it will help ensure that you get healthy insights into the lottery game, how the results are drawn and how exactly you are going to win the jackpot should you start betting.

If you don’t know when the 6/42 lotto result is announced, here is the entire schedule for you.

6/42 Lotto Result Schedule

The 6/42 lotto result is announced on the same day when the lottery is drawn and you can have it live on PTV 4 on the scheduled days at 9pm.

The days for 6/42 lotto result are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The results are announced ever week on these days and at 9pm. Try your best to catch it live on the said 6/42 lotto result schedule and make sure that you win a jackpot right away.

6/42 Lotto Result History

The results of the lotto 6/42 are all archived and they are available for the interested people to have a look and fetch the desired information out of the archives. Furthermore, a look into the 6/42 lotto result history also reveals that there have been some big prizes won by the lottery players in the past as well. This not only gives you motivation to play the lottery game but also signifies the fact that it is all legitimate and you cannot go wrong if you choose to play this lottery. There is every chance that you can win a jackpot playing lotto 6/42.

Here we have some facts from the 6/42 lotto result history that would give you some confidence for playing this lotto for sure.

By the time of summer in 2010, the lotto 6/42 had already produced a large number of millionaires, 772 to be precise, and it maintained all its popularity among the lottery games that pay you back most. The phenomenon isn’t really a strange one as the lottery game offers best possible odds and beats all other games at PCSO in that regard.

The total jackpot prizes value in 2017 was PHP 319M which certainly is a huge amount for a lottery. In these last few years, we have seen jackpot amounts going beyond PHP 30m on several occasions.

Back in 2012, a player bagged a massive PHP 32.99m jackpot playing lotto 6/42. As PCSO doesn’t need divulging of the identity from its lottery winners, we don’t have additional information about the player. The information that was shared only featured the winning combination which was 23-13-19-20-42-34.

Similarly, it was September of 2016 when a 60-year-old retiree managed to win a massive PHP 31.2m jackpot. In this case the winning combination was 10-14-19-25-31-32. One interesting fact here is that the winner had chosen these numbers based on the ages of his children and the birth dates of his wife and himself.

Later PCSO revealed that this man was so grateful and was ready to give back. He donated almost PHP 3M from his jackpot to a Nueva Ecija church.

Practically, 6/42 lotto remains the easiest of the lot, especially when it comes to hitting the jackpot. That is exactly why the game has become immensely popular across Philippines. So, if you are interested in it, let’s check out how you can play the game and bet on it.

How To Play Lotto 6/42?

Playing lotto 6/42 is really simple. Here are the steps you need to follow for betting your money on this lottery.

  • Visit a PCSO lottery outlet which is officially authorized by PCSO and get your 6/42 lotto
  • Mark 6 numbers on the playslip of your own choice and they should be in the designated range between 1 and 42.
  • You can also try Lucky Pick option if you don’t want to do it manually. It will generate the number combination for you at random.
  • Submit the playslip to outlet operator. Make sure you get your ticket before leaving the outlet and keep it safe. It will help you in claiming the winnings and will be your proof. You’ll be charged ₱20 for each 6-number pick you play with the standard type.

Make sure that your chosen numbers are only marked vertically and in case of any error you must mark void for indicating cancellation of the board.

There is also an option of System Play that requires you to pick 7-12 numbers and they’re all combined automatically by the system for creating all the combinations. Greater number of combinations would mean your chances of winning millions will be better.

The system you would want to play should be marked under “SYS”. It should be left blank in case you intend to go with the standard play option with 6-number combinations.

Visiting the lotto outlets only once would allow you to bet on six upcoming consecutive draws in a single go. In that case, for instance, if your playslip is marked with “6 Draws” then you will have to pay PHP 120 for your ticket. It will include the draw that you’re initially betting on and also the next 5 draws that will take place according to the schedule. You can mark the number of draws you’d want to participate in the “Draw” section of the playslip.

For betting on the next draw, you must make sure that you bet before the 8pm cut-off time. Also, you have to be more than 18 years of age.

How Much Does 6/42 Lotto Betting Cost?

Well there are different types of plays you can try with 6/42 lotto and the amount you need to bet on the lotto draws varies with the type of play you go with. Here is what it will cost you.

  • If you go with Standard Play, you will have to pay ₱20
  • If you go with System 5 Roll, you will have to pay ₱1060
  • If you go with System 7, you will have to pay ₱140
  • If you go with System 8, you will have to pay ₱560
  • If you go with System 9, you will have to pay ₱1680
  • If you go with System 10, you will have to pay ₱4200
  • If you go with System 11, you will have to pay ₱9240
  • If you go with System 12, you will have to pay ₱18480

So, decide what you can afford and how much you would want to spend to win a jackpot with 6/42 lotto.

How You Can Win Lotto 6/42?

If you want to win the jackpot in PCSO lotto 6/42, you have to make sure that all the 6 numbers you choose match with the winning combination. The order of these numbers in the winning combo does not really matter.

However, if you want to win a prize with Lotto 6/42, you don’t always have to win a jackpot. You may even be able to win the prize if you match even 3 numbers with the winning combination.

The Prize Money You Can Win With 6/42 Lotto Result

As mentioned above, there are different prizes you can win with 6/42 lotto result. For those lucky guys who end up matching 6 winning numbers, the minimum jackpot amount would be ₱ 6M.

However, if you fail to meet the jackpot requirement, but there are 5 of your chosen numbers that match with the winning combination then you will be entitled to prize money of ₱25000 at most.

In case of matching 4 of your numbers with winning combination, ₱1000 is what you will be able to make.

Even if your 3 numbers match the winning combination, you still have the chance to win ₱20 which means you will be getting your investment back.

Where To Check Your 6/42 lotto Result?

The draws of the PCSO lotto 6/42 are conducted on the scheduled days at 9pm. If you want to watch the 6/42 lotto result live then you must tune into PTV 4 before that time.

You may also check out verified, official 6/42 lotto result here on this website as well. All you have to do is to visit the official draw page of the lotto and check if you have hit a jackpot or not. It is still encouraged that you visit official website of the PCSO lottery draw for getting confirmed and verified results.

So, keep coming back every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as soon as the result is announced to have a look at the winning combinations.

How To Claim Your Prize If You Have Won The Lotto?

There are different options you have to claim your prize money with the PCSO lotto. No matter if you have won a jackpot or some other prize, claiming it is rather simple.

If the prize money you have won amounts to ₱5000 or below, it could be claimed at the authorized outlets of the lotto. You can also claim it at any of the branch offices of PCSO near you.

If your prize money is between ₱5000 and ₱20000, it can be claimed easily at the branch offices of PCSO anywhere. You can also claim your prize at the head office of the lottery draw as well.

If you have had the luck to win the jackpot prize, you’ll have to claim it directly at PCSO head office in the Mandaluyong city.

So, if you feel like lotto 6/42 would be your best bet, go buy your tickets now. Don’t forget to check the 6/42 lotto result on the scheduled days and time to secure your jackpot. Lucky Betting!