6/42 Lotto Result – September 12 2019

6/42 Lotto Result – September 12 2019. How often do you play the pari-mutuel lottery games at the PCSO lottery draw? They are all overlooked usually by most of the lotto players just because of the higher odds. It’s a fact that high odds mean low chances to win a jackpot but what if you are able to win it? Have a look at the prize money that you will be able to claim? Consider lotto 6/42, for example. Once you match the numbers on the 6/42 result, you are able to win a jackpot prize of PHP 9 million.

6/42 Result Wednesday – 12-09-2019


Who would want to miss out on such a huge jackpot prize? Yes, it’s your chance to become a millionaire overnight. The lottery ticket is not that expensive to buy and if you are able to hit a jackpot for only one of the lottery games, you’ll be over the moon for sure. You can also increase your chances to win millions of pesos in prize money by playing multiple lotteries on a day. For example, every Saturday you can also compete for Grand lotto 6/55 and 6 digit game too.

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