6/42 Lotto Result May 9 2019

For all those waiting for the 6/42 result, it’s about time that you grab your tickets and check out the winning combination for today’s draw of 6/42 lotto. Yes, as the draw time gets closer, the excitement doubles up and you really need to make sure that you don’t miss out the winning numbers in excitement.

Here we have 6/42 result for today.

We understand what it’s like to play the easiest of lottery games at the PCSO lottery draw and winning a significant jackpot. You must have followed the past 6/42 result updates and done all the deliberation you possibly could to pick the right numbers for you. So, just do not let the excitement get the better of you and make sure that the results are thoroughly checked and it is ascertained that you have won the lotto.

Winning lottery games requires you to have a lot of patience and firm belief. If you have those qualities in you, you’re definitely going to win the 6/42 lotto and see the 6/42 result coming in your favor regularly. Try your luck now.

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