6/42 Lotto Result May 4 2019

Maximize your chances of winning a jackpot by playing 6/42 lottery at the PCSO lottery draw this week as we only have this Saturday draw left now. The lottery game offers the lowest odds and if you have been following it for some time you’d know that it’s been the oldest played at the PCSO draw. So, play the lottery and follow the 6/42 result regularly here at today swertres result to see yourself winning the lotto again and again.

With three draws for lotto 6/42 scheduled each week, if you have missed this Saturday draw, you’d be able to play this lottery again next week on Tuesday. But if you have already played it for Saturday, here we have the 6/42 result for today’s draw.
Couldn’t win the lottery today? Don’t worry; try your luck next time in the first draw scheduled for next week on Tuesday. Until then, look into the 6/42 result history and give yourself a chance to win the lotto by understanding the odds and the trends in winning combos.

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