6/42 Lotto Result May 2 2019

Get ready to compete the odds in one of the simplest pari-mutuel lottery games played at the PCSO lottery draw. It’s time again for the 6/42 lottery draw and we are up for a PHP 9million jackpot once more. Did you check your 6/42 result for the last draw on Tuesday? Were you lucky enough to hit a jackpot?

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet won the lottery as it still remains the popular choice among lottery players and you can hit a jackpot on any day if you are lucky. Here we’ll be sharing with you the latest 6/42 result for Thursday draw and you can check it out at your earliest if you have played the lottery today.

Let’s have a look at today 6/42 result.

6/42 LOTTO RESULT MAY 2 2019 (JACKPOT: 69 M+)

6/42 Lotto Result:
(in any order) 
Jackpot Prize:
Php __________ 

Try learning the patterns in 6/42 result and see how it turns out for you. Why not try predicting a few numbers before you actually put your money at stake? Yes, that’s pretty good idea. Just predict the result for next draw on Saturday and see if you can predict it right.

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