• 4-Digit Result March 04 2020

    4-Digit Result March 04 2020, It’s time again for the simplest of lotteries at the PCSO lottery draw in Philippines and if you have had your share of problems winning the jackpots, you should have a sigh of relief now. Matching the numbers on 4D result and winning a jackpot prize might be the easiest of things to do on the planet. So, can you make it count this time? Just look into the previous results, perform some analysis of the numbers, and start winning.

    4-Digit Result March 04 2020 – Wednesday

    Winning Numbers: 0-6-1-7
    (in exact order) 

    We share the 4D result updates here at today swertres result right after the draw. The results are announced live at PTV 4 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 pm. So, you can check it out there as well. It would be in your favor if you can diversify your options to 6 digit game, swertres, Ez2 lotto, and STL games because that would increase your chances of accumulating wealth manifolds. Add up the jackpots and the greater frequency of some of these games and you’ll definitely be convinced on that.


4-Digit Result

If you are crazy about winning lotteries and hitting jackpots, you’d definitely have heard about the PCSO lottery draw from the Philippines. The production of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the lotto has gained immense popularity across the Philippines and it has been around for more than 20 years now and running quite successfully.

There are 8 different games played at the PCSO lotto that are a combination of pari-mutuel games and fixed payout games. However, they all have low odds and the chances to win a jackpot are huge no matter which game you would want to play. Nevertheless, a popular choice among all the games being played at the PCSO lottery program is 4-digit lottery game and everyone keeps an eye on the 4D lotto result to make sure that they know what combinations have been drawn lately and what the chances of winning do they have. Here we have a detailed overlook at the 4D lotto for you to give you some insights into what this game is all about and how it is played.


The lottery game relies on a 4-chambered Mega Gem for the draw and each of these gems draw one digit from the range of 0 to 9. If you really want to end up on the winning side, you should match the last couple of digits, at least, with the combination that wins the lotto. The game gives you 1 out of 10000 odds of winning.

The draws are conducted on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The lottery game really gives you a great chance of making riches and you can win big if you know how to play the game and exactly how you can pick the winning combinations. It’s a matter of luck and it’s also the matter of how intelligently you make your picks as well.

4D Lotto

If you are getting interested in the PCSO lottery now, we’d advise that you go with the 4D lotto because it gives you a great chance at winning the game. The odds remain low and you have a greater chance of winning the lotto.

Just make sure that you know the draw schedule and should buy your tickets to participate in the game before the cutoff time for the scheduled days. The results are announced and televised at PTV 4 and will give you insights into how you can win the next time if you failed on the first occasion. If you are able to win a jackpot with 4D lotto, you can end up winning up PHP 10000 for each PHP 12 ticket that you buy. That’s certainly a big lotto prize and you should definitely go for it.

4D Lotto Result

As you may have already known by now, the 4D lotto result is announced on a fixed schedule every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The results are aired live for the general public on PTV 4 at 9pm and you can also find the lotto result online at a variety of sources as well. You’re encouraged, however, to check out the official website of the PCSO lotto to check your results of the lottery.

Even if you are not playing, having a look at the lotto result will give you an idea of the winning combinations and if ever in future you’d plan to play the lottery, you’d have a great chance of making the right pick and hitting a jackpot. Therefore, you should be careful and must keep track of the 4D lotto result announcements to stay on top of the game.

4 Digit Result History

Whenever the results are announced for the 4 digit game, they are archived so that the users can have a look at them in future as well. This forms an entire catalogue of 4 digit result history which you can check at any time.

Just like checking the fresh results can give you insights into the picking number, the history of the game helps you find out the recent trends and determine what numbers are mostly part of the winning combinations. In addition, you can also get a look at the 4D lotto result if you happened to miss it on any particular day.

The whole idea is to make sure that the recent and the oldest results are in front of you any time and you can refer to them for whatever purpose you’d like.

How To Play 4-Digit?

If you want to play the 4-digit lottery game at the PCSO lotto draw, remember that these games are played by choosing 4-digit numbers that range between 0000 and 9999. Besides the numbers being selected, it is also important that the players indicate their chosen play type as well as the amount they’d want to bet on.

The cost of betting on a 4-digit game might vary according to play amount that you have marked. The minimum you can play is PHP 12 for every 4-digit combination that you’d want to bet on.

There are, basically, three prizes for every bet and how much you can win for first prize is decided on pari-mutuel basis in which the total amount allocated for first prize gets equally divided among all the winners.

However, the minimum amount guaranteed to the first prize winners for a 4-digit game remains at PHP 10000. Now, let’s have a look at how you can play the game and bet your desired amount.

The 4-digit games are played in numerous different ways and you have to specify which game you’d want to play when you are buying your tickets. You have the option to choose standard play simply by marking one number in the range 0-9 for all the 4 columns on your play slip. Here you can also choose the Lucky Pick option like all other games in which the combination is automatically selected and you just have to buy the ticket to place your bet.

You can also play PERM type of 4-digit It’s a straight play for all possible permutations or arrangements of a number. The various “Rambol” or PERM selections you can play would look like this:

You will have 24 different combinations if you choose four different digits and the total cost of your bet would be PHP 288.

You can go with 12 different combinations by choosing 2 different digits in your combination and a pair of one same digit. In this case the cost would be PHP 144.

You can also select two different pairs as well to yield 6 different combinations and the bet cost in this case would be PHP 72.

The last option for you in this type of play is to go with three different digits along with a pair of a same digit which will yield 4 combinations and would cost you PHP 48.

Another option for you would be to play either of ROLL 1 and ROLL 4. When you mark ROLL 1 box, it means that first digit would be in 0-9 range is generated by central system for complementing last three digits you have chosen.

This will create 10 different number sets while the marked bet amount should be the value of each number set. As far as ROLL 4 is concerned, it is pretty similar to the ROLL 1 type of play as well while the only difference is that the last digit is generated by central system in the range from 0-9 for complementing first three digits you have selected.

When you choose ROLL 1, you have 10 combinations while your bet cost goes up to PHP 120.
The same combinations and cost would result if you choose ROLL 4 as well.

When you are betting on the 4-digit lotto, you must keep in mind that one selection can played for up to 6 upcoming consecutive draws including the one for which you are making the selection. All you have to do is to mark your play slip with how many draws you’d want to participate in with this current selection of yours.

How Much You Can Win With 4D Lotto?

When you are playing the 4D lotto, first thing you want to be sure of is that if you want to win a jackpot with this game, all the 4 numbers on winning combination should match in exact same order with what you have picked. The 4D lotto result should also be for the same date for which you had played the lotto. If you are able to match the numbers exactly, you will be entitled to win First Prize.

The first prize can be won if you are able to match 4 out of 4 numbers in the exact same order. Even though the prize is distributed in a pari-mutuel manner, you are guaranteed to win a minimum of PHP 10000 for each PHP 12 that you play.

You can claim second prize if your able to match last 3 numbers with in the winning combination of 4 digits. The prize in this case is a minimum of PHP 800 for each PHP 12 that you play.

Similarly, you’ll be entitled to the third prize if last 2 numbers of your pick match the 4 number combination that’s been drawn. In this case, the minimum prize amount you can claim remains PHP 100 for every PHP 12 that you play.

So, rest assured that the prize money is quite huge and if you are able to hit the jackpot, you are surely up for claiming some real cash.

What Are Your Chances To Win The 4-Digit Game?

We all know that the lotto games are all about luck and you can hit a jackpot on one day while you may lose all your bets on the other. However, if you get into the Maths, you still have quite bright chances of winning the 4-digit lottery at the PCSO lotto. Here is how the computation goes:

There are 10 numbers that you can choose from in your first pick which means you have 1 out of 10 chances to match the 1st number in the winning combination.

As you move forward to select the second number, you are allowed to re-pick that same number again which means you will still be able to pick 1 out of 10 numbers correctly.

Continue with the same pattern for all the 4 numbers for the 4D lotto and you will eventually have the probability of 1 out of 10000 to hit the winning combo. That means, 1 out of your 10000 picks would be a winning combination drawn by the 4D lotto.

If you want to throw your cash at the 4-Digit lottery game, it is quite likely that you win a jackpot. You may wonder how that is possible with such high odds as discussed above. Well, the thing is, it’s not only about the chance and luck but you have to put in some deliberation and thought as well. If you will keep checking the 4D lotto result, you are likely to find out a trend in the winning combinations and the predictions can also help you in making the right choice when picking your combinations. This will definitely bring the odds down and you will be more likely to hit the jackpot. The key again is to make sure that you keep a close eye at the results and the predictions to get a feel of what’s coming next. In fact, if you can bet regularly, you’d definitely be able to get more and more accurate with your picks. So, start betting today!