4-Digit Result September 23 2019

4-Digit Result September 23 2019. Which lottery game has been your favorite at the PCSO lottery draw? If you like to play the easy and simple lotteries, you might have already been loving it with 4 digit game. The lottery game is one of the simplest options available to the lotto lovers in Philippines and it comes with odds of only 1 in 10000. So, if you even have little experience with the lottery games, you’re definitely going to nail it. There are three lottery draws scheduled every day and you can check the 4D result at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm. 

4D Result Monday – 23-9-2019

Winning Numbers: 1-2-1-9
(in exact order) 
Jackpot: Php ________

As far as the prize money is concerned, the lottery game offers PHP 10000 jackpot which is the minimum guaranteed amount you will be getting. But you need to match the 4 digits on the lotto result in exact same order for that. If you match 3 digits, you’ll get PHP 800. And, you get PHP 100 if you can match 2 digits in exact order. Start with this lottery and diversify to 6 digit game, STL games, Ez2 lottery, and others to increase the prize money you’ll win at the end of the day. 

PCSO 4D Result – September 23, 2019
Prize Level Amount Winners
1st Prize* P _________ —–
2nd Prize P 800 —–
3rd Prize P 100 —–

*Minimum Guaranteed Amount (MGA) of Php 10,000.00
Source: PCSO

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