4 Digit Result July 3 2019

4 Digit game at the PCSO lottery draw in Philippines is probably among the simplest of lotteries that you would ever come across on the lotto scene. But is it that easy to win this lotto today? Well, no matter how simple a lottery game might be, you have to put in some serious effort to turn the odds into your favor and getting desired 4D result is something similar. Nevertheless, you stand a great chance of winning the lottery and if you can review and analyze some result archives, that’d place you even better for winning it on any day. 

4D Result Wednesday – 3-7-2019

Winning Numbers: 4-6-5-9
(in exact order) 
Jackpot: Php ________

PCSO 4D Result – Jun 3, 2019
Prize Level Amount Winners
1st Prize* P _________ —–
2nd Prize P 800 —–
3rd Prize P 100 —–

*Minimum Guaranteed Amount (MGA) of Php 10,000.00
Source: PCSO

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