4 Digit Result December 27 2019

4 Digit Result December 27 2019 If you have had your fair share of play with the 6 numbered lottery games played at the PCSO lotto draw, the 4D lottery gives you an interesting alternative. Even though the guaranteed minimum payout is only PHP 10000, you should definitely try this lottery game because it offers some of the lowest odds with you getting a chance of 1 in 10000 to turn the 4D result into your favor. That being said, you should definitely be looking forward to playing this lottery.

4 Digit Result December 27 2019 – Friday

Winning Numbers: 6-6-4-1
(in exact order) 

Today we have the first draw of this lotto for this week and there will be a lot of Filipinos waiting anxiously for the 4D result. Are you among those as well? Have you played the lottery today too? Here we have the result update for you as announced at the PCSO lotto draw officially.

Whether you win the lotto today or not, keep playing this game with low odds as that’s probably your best bet at winning the jackpot. If you want to maximize your winnings, keep checking 4D result regularly and continuously play the game.

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