4-Digit Result – August 19 2019

4-Digit Result – August 19 2019. 4D Lotto result online draw 9pm 19 Aug 2019. Whether you are just starting out or you want a break from those high-odd lotteries, you should be looking forward to the 4 digit game at PCSO lottery draw. The lottery game comes with very low odds and a jackpot prize of PHP 10000 but that’s, probably, the highest you can get in all the low-odd lotteries around. So, if you have had enough of swertres and Ez2 lotto, it’s time you make a switch to 4D lottery and try to match the numbers on 4D result. 

4D Result Monday – 19-8-2019

Winning Numbers: 7-0-4-3
(in exact order) 
Jackpot: Php ________

You can always combine 4 digit game and 6 digit game when you start playing lotteries at the PCSO lotto draw because both of them offer you the same draw mechanics and you’ll end up winning some serious cash at the end of the day. The key is to play these lotteries as often as you can. It won’t just give you insights into how you can win the jackpots but will also increase your chances of making it big at the lotto scene. 

Stay tuned for the 4D result updates and we’ll bring you the latest as soon as the results are announced officially. Hit the bell button at the bottom of the page and get notified whenever a result is shared.

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