4-Digit Lotto Result 2 August 2019

4-Digit Lotto Result 2 August 2019. Check 4D Lotto result 9PM Aug 2 2019. Which lottery game at the PCSO lottery draw arouses your interest more than any other? Well, if you tilt more towards the simple lotteries, you’d have greater interest in the 4 digit game and 6 digit game.

4D Result Friday – 2-8-2019

Winning Numbers: 6-9-8-9 
(in exact order) 
Jackpot: Php ________

Both these lotteries have low odds and can be won easily. In fact, you can match the 4D result on any day without any trouble whatsoever. Beat the odds of 1 in 10000 only and claim a jackpot prize of PHP 10000 on the scheduled days of the draw. 

As mentioned earlier, the minimum guaranteed amount you can claim with this lottery is PHP 10000. But how often you can win it? Well, you can take part in three lottery draws every week and if you are lucky enough, you can match the 4D result on all three occasions. It would be a good idea to play with deliberation and thought. So, better look into previous results of the lottery and also 6D result to get the feel of what numbers you should be playing. 

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